6.1.2013 5 years from last update. Holy fucking shit.
Ive been super lazy with sieni.us, I kinda forgot this site for a while, but I guess after 5 years I can do some updates. Nothing big, something. Like example, you can now browse videos with your keyboard (arrow left & right). Hooray. I also made some changes to front page and total makeover to this info page.

9.1.2008: 1,5 year from last update o_O
I translated this infobox to english and I also made some updates to main page, maybe now you can find this infobox faster (~5% of visitors have visited on this infopage every month :G)

If you are looking for Official Soundtrack of Sieni.us, you can find it from bottom of the page, but first i'd like to say just a few things about sieni.us. In case of tl;dr, click here.

Screenshot of first sieni.us animation I started this site back in the 2005 or something, it was just a domainholder for my super cool vhost at IRC. Back then frontpage was only having a tiny supermario mushroom centered to site, nothing else. Then I found this rave flash which was kinda cool (screenshot seen on right), I replaced the mushroom with that flash. And I dont know what happened, I just started to add more trippy animations and all of sudden I noticed i had 400k visitors per month. Sadly I cant find the original sieni.us flash animation anymore, I remember this Finnish dude who was created that flash asked me to remove it, and I did.

2007 and I went to army, then came z0r.de and other ripoff sites. They basicly copied everything, every single flash in the same fucking order (and the layout!). What the fuck Germans? You guys burnt down ze lapland, Jews and now this? Cmon. Sieg heil.

After 2008 I wasnt really motivated to changes, I had some other tiny projects and stuff. But man, sure it was nice when this random kid came on me at the burger restaurant, and asked "Are you that sieni.us man?", I felt nice. But for me, sieni.us was ready.

Until 2011, I felt I gotta do something. So in 2012 I started planning to do something, and on 2013 I did. And here we go! So basicly sieni.us is just a collection of random, trippy, and groovy flash animations picked by me (there might be something made by me), but most of them are made by some other really cool persons, like Inkoddi. There's a man who really know what he is doing. Way to go pal, keep up the good work.

If there is a flash animation that is made by you, I don't give a shit. It's here now. GO AWAY! Nah, just kidding. If you seriously want to remove flash animation from sieni.us, contact me on IRC (zorgy @ircnet/quakenet), or in facebook. But I really hope you dont want to remove anything, I can add your nickname somewhere and give some credit if you wan't, savvy? .___.

Official soundtrack of Sieni.us.
If you have problems opening .mod, .xm, .sid etc. files, try downloading DeliPlayer.

00 -> Enigma - High Fidelity Dreams - Aura (Atari ST) (musiklinjen.mod)
01 -> Waldo - Feel So Good
02 -> Fergie & BK - Hoovers and Horns (ingo mix?)
03 -> X-Cabs - Neuro
04 -> mellowmedood.ogg
05 -> Loituma - Ievas Polkka
06 -> softworld.mod
07 -> Toby Emerson - Raindrops
08 -> aspartam.mod
09 -> Infected Mushroom - I Wish (skazi remix)
10 -> 50Hertz - Trådlös Sewingmachine
11 -> 772773.xm
12 -> Edvin van Santen - Final Axel
13 -> Riot Nation - Abba Gabba
14 -> Petit Love
15 -> turtle_grains.mod
16 -> discoban.mod (cover of this song)
17 -> Black Dude Falling
18 -> Adema - The way you like it (remix)
19 -> zalza-megaman_vs_willy2.xm
20 -> Nobuyuki - Outrun Europe Megamix (Outrun Europe Level 1)
21 -> no idea, ask weebls.
22 -> Pixel_-_Jenka_2.mp3
23 -> Little_shit_12.mod
24 -> Cool & Create - Help Me, Erin
25 -> Mirwais - Naive Song
26 -> Fred Gray - Transformers
27 -> Force Dimension - Deus Ex Machina
28 -> Quazar - Hybrid Song vs. Quad City DJs - Space Jam
29 -> RJD2 - ghostwriter
30 -> Weebls version of flash id 8
31 -> Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
32 -> Maktone - 2000AD
33 -> Maktone - Men in Green
34 -> Nightwish - ghost love score
35 -> Jay-Z - Blueprint 2 (Instrumental Version)
36 -> Discoban & DMX - Where The Hood At?
37 -> We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife
38 -> Turmion Kätilöt - Rautaketju
39 -> Lazy Town - You are a pirate / NEDM (not even doom music)
40 -> Franck Carrel - Dernier Baisers (sealed with a kiss)
41 -> The Dovells - Bristol Stomp
42 -> DJ S3rl - Butterfly
43 -> Game music from Wings (pelimusa.s3m / akumusa.swf)
44 -> Pixel Shrooms by 8-Bit Pwny Club
45 -> Super Mario World Music - Ending
46 -> Vim - No
47 -> Лаванда - Модели (Slim Line remix)
48 -> Captain Jack (Speedy Remix)
49 -> Same as id 24
50 -> Pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows
51 -> Pendulum - Watercolour
52 -> Van Halen - Aint talking bout love
53 -> Cypress Hill - 16 men till there's no men left
54 -> Earthbound - Home Sweet Home
55 -> CNN - Invincible
56 -> Mylo - Need You Tonite
57 -> Over The Green Fields (OST) / Ji PyeongKeyon (지평권) - Sad Romance
58 -> The Flashbulb - Lawn Wake III
59 -> Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
60 -> 4kbSummer.xm / LHS - 4KB Summer
61 -> Jingle Bells
62 -> Noisia - Groundhog
63 -> funky_bubbles.xm / Kenet - Funky Bubbles
64 -> Metal Masters - Metal Beat
65 -> Aavikko - Lazer theme
66 -> Ghost in the Shell / Yoko Kanno - Cream
67 -> Remix of TMNT theme
68 -> Röyksopp - ....And the Forest Began to Sing

And then, BIG THANKS to Fogger who is hosting my sites on servut.us. Also I would like to say thanks for Mr. T.M. who made this flashplayer code for me. Temmi sä oot mies. I think ProtoTailz needs a mention also, he actually even made few animations and helped with php. Man, I want to say big thanks to all of you behind your computer screens. Except you, Arttu Kauppi.

Over and out.